Thursday, September 2, 2010


I don't typically muse on my blog - I guess that is why I don't typically blog... However, I am feeling feeling particularly inspired for some reason.
Max just cracks me up. He can play with a ball all day long. First baseball, then botchi ball, then baseball in the house. (High ceilings and nothing too valuable.. It is a calculated risk worth the reward) He throws the ball straight up right in front of the door, higher than the second floor balcony, then lets it bounce and then scoops it up or catches it... It will get stuck on the window above the door frequently, but nothing has come close to breaking. Then we go to the older kids practice... he plays soccer the entire time with me - Today I pawned him off on Scott - Scott forgot the soccer ball, and brought a football instead. I look over at them and there is Max, running through the fields kicking the football. Seriously, a game of toss together, then he runs around kicking it for a few laps. Toss again, Max laps again... he wanted so badly to practice with Sarah's team!!!!! then back home, and straight to the skate board... I know exactly what tomorrow is going to look like. Max!!

Luke - my Lukie Lau... He checked out a library book on Knights. It had lots of photographs of old nights in armor and with castles...Luke is currently in an Army Guy obsessed stage - he is saving his money to buy army guys. He googles them every morning to check the prices (he is learning slowly) and to check out all the different models - So far he has only cared about quantity - not style... He has completed a photo montage iMovie. Complete with a sound track and special effects courtesy of Grandma Allen which features Pink Floyd - Bring the Boys Back Home, Queen, Another one Bites the Dust, and other greats... After reading this book, he can't stop his little mind from thinking about Knights - every different way. He is talking about buying the Knights army guys, he talks constantly about them. He is very intense, drawing these crazy boy pictures. He woke up quietly this AM to draw, he had two action scenes done this AM before I was up and made him get ready for school. He got mad at me, because he didn't have time to finish them - so he threw them away. He must have dreamed about them... Here is a sample of his work - this isn't his latest 'Knight' story which ended up in the garbage, this is a few weeks old... He his such a thoughtful kid... I can tell when we read, he is digesting it. He digests it all so bravely - and so intently....

Sarah.... my oldest, the Martyr, my learning curve illustrated. My most genetically similar child. I love her, but I can't imagine teenage years - I feel like she already is one. I just hope she has the experience of being on an incredible and successful team and/or family where she can be a giver of her strengths... and flourish.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nathaniel Smith - The Bishop's Message

This is a sweet message written by my mother's mother's father... you should be able to download it for free, or purchase a hard bound cover...